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CWI provides warranty solutions to our clients which in turn improves their brand image, market share and after sales support to their customers.

Extended Warranty

2 Wheelers Extended Warranty

2wheelers.in is one stop shop to take care of all your value added services for your pre owned two wheeler, we offer you a gamut of services that a new two wheeler customer enjoys in order to give you the same experience & service levels so that you enjoy your ride and leave the balance to us. We make sure we are there when you need the most. You can purchase warranty for your pre owned two wheeler which will protect you against any unforeseen cost in case of any breakdown, warranty cover gives you protection against major components like engine, transmission, electrical & electronic parts.

  1. Warranty Services: 2wheelers.in provides the option to purchase a warranty for your pre-owned two-wheeler. This warranty covers major components like the engine, transmission, and electrical and electronic parts. This means that if any of these components break down, you’ll be protected against unexpected repair costs.

  2. Enhanced Ownership Experience: We aim to provide pre-owned two-wheeler owners with a similar level of service and experience that new two-wheeler buyers enjoy. This could include services like regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

  3. Convenience: By offering a “one-stop shop,” we aim to make it easy for pre-owned two-wheeler owners to access these value-added services. This could save time and effort for individuals who might otherwise have to coordinate services from various providers.

  4. Peace of Mind: The warranty service can provide peace of mind to pre-owned two-wheeler owners, knowing that they have protection against unexpected repair costs, which can be a significant expense.

  5. Customer Support: We offer support and assistance when you need it the most, which could include roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or other issues.